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There are a ton of pests out here such that there is never a home that is 100% free of pests, even if they are yet to bloom in large numbers, they are there in small quantities sneaking from corner to corner. Some pests love nature, the leaves, soil, trees, and flowers, and others love warmth, thus they will always find a way of getting into your home for warmth and food while others will thrive because of the dirt in your surroundings.

Pests such as the bedbugs and cockroaches will hitch a ride on their host probably another human and settle in your home, while others will come hidden in luggage’s or furniture. Multi-unit apartments also share pests, which will travel from room to room, for example, cockroaches, bedbugs, and rodents such as rats. Pest control and elimination is never really a difficult task until the pests develop resistance to the common household insecticides.

At Your Pest Guide, we seek to retain normalcy at your home, hotel, farm, garden, and workplace, everywhere and anywhere that pests are likely to become a menace and run out of control. The scope of pest control revolves around four main aspects and which are the physical methods of pest control, the cultural methods of pest control, the biological and chemical methods.

Most of the above methods are never successful when instituted independently and might therefore require the combination of two or three methods. Combining physical methods of pest control with chemical and biological methods is therefore, a sure long term plan that helps rid the home of pests permanently. Most importantly is that pest control is never a one-time process, especially for people who live in apartments with many units; overall, therefore, is that pest control is an ongoing process long after their elimination.

At Your pest guide, we have therefore, detailed the various elimination and preventive measures that can be instituted when dealing with the various kinds of pests whether in your home, office, or farm. Pests are no better than rodents, as they are both capable of destroying things and causing diseases, to which end we have compiled comprehensive excerpts detailing how to identify, prevent, and eliminate the various kinds of pests.

What’s more is that Pest control involves the use of chemicals, some that are harmful to humans and therefore, need careful handling. Conclusive information has been combined on how you can best handle the chemical pest control products, the relevant protective gear that must be worn, and the safe methods of application designed to keep you and your household members safe.