Best Bug Bomb for Cockroaches

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If you have a cockroach infestation, a cockroach bomb will come off as the best remedy to your problem. There is a wide variety of bug bombers for cockroaches, though, which means that you must be very vigilant about the ingredients and the purported benefits of the bug bomb.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the best bug bombs for cockroaches. But before we go down that road, when you do know that you have a cockroach infestation at home/ office?

Generally, cockroaches will find their way into your home or building through various ways, but once they are in your home, they will multiply incredibly fast, and you won’t know what hit you. Before you know it, you will have a full-blown cockroach infestation – you can tell that you have a cockroach infestation when you start seeing cockroaches roaming around during the day, although cockroaches are nocturnal. You will also start to notice empty egg casings, droppings, and also a strong oily scent. Once you recognize these signs, it will be ideal that you take immediate action, and the cockroach bombs will come in handy in eradicating that squeamish crawlies.

Here are some of the best bug bombs for cockroaches

Best Bug Bomb for Cockroaches – Comparison Table

Best Bug Bomb for CockroachesBest ForCheck on Amazon
PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized InsecticideBest Overall Bug Bomb for CockroachesCheck Price
Hot Shot Fogger6 With Odor NeutralizerBest Fogger with Odor NeutralizerCheck Price
BASF 671858 PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea InsecticideBest Long-Acting Bug BombCheck Price
ProControl Plus Total Release Fogger BombBest for Use in Large SpacesCheck Price
Raid Concentrated Deep Reach FoggerBest Value for MoneyCheck Price

Best Bug Bomb for Cockroaches

PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide – Best Overall Bug Bomb for Cockroaches

Formulated by Alpine Innovations as a pet-safe bug bomb, this roach bomb is one of the most effective and fast-acting bug bombs that promises to kill off adult roaches, as well as their eggs. Its active ingredient is prallethrin which is known to quickly knock down the roaches and other bugs, effectively helping you take hold of the roach problem. It is also formulated with the powerful and long-lasting IGR pyriproxyfen that kills the hatching cockroach eggs, not just on the day of the treatment but for an overall duration of up to 7 months thanks to its long-term residual effects. These ingredients also work together to effectively kills roaches and other crawling, flying, and biting bugs for a maximum of 30 days.





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Hot Shot Fogger6 With Odor Neutralizer – Best Fogger with Odor Neutralizer

One of the biggest challenges faced around bug bombs is the strong chemical odor that often comes from the bomber and lasts for hours after application. This bug bomber is designed to overcome this issue with the incorporated odor neutralizer, which ensures that by the time you get back home after the use of the bug bomb, there won’t be any lingering smells.

This bug bomb helps get rid of cockroaches thanks to its formulation with pyrethrin and pyrethroid ingredients. Its active ingredients include cypermethrin and tetramethrin, and though it lacks IGR, it helps get rid of those pesky roaches. Unfortunately, this bug bomb won’t destroy the eggs of the bugs, meaning you’d need more than a few treatments to get rid of the existing crawling roaches and the baby bugs once hatched for you to be able to end the roach menace effectively.

The advantage of using this bug bomb is that it kills on contact, meaning that once you’ve figured out where the roaches congregate often, you’d easily get rid of them in large numbers. You could also target the crevices, cracks, and other dark areas that the roaches hide, and the bomber will keep killing the bugs for a maximum of 2 months.

It is non-staining, and its fine mist gets to the hard-to-reach areas fast. It can be used anywhere, including in sheds, basements, attics, storage areas, etc.




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BASF 671858 PT Ultracide Pressurized Flea Insecticide – Best Long-Acting Bug Bomb

If you are looking for a powerful bug bomb to help you get rid of all insect infestations at the home, office, or in the car, this BASF insecticide might be the ideal solution for you. It works great and fast and has been shown to help get rid of roach and fleas infestations effectively thanks to its formulation with pyrethrins, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen that work in synergy to not just kill the adult insects but also larvae and the eggs.

It is pet-safe, although it’s more ideal to keep pets and kids out of the house for a few hours during and after use.

You may also like its ultra-pressurized design because it ensures the most efficient delivery system for the insecticide, easily reaching the hard-to-reach crevices and cracks.




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ProControl Plus Total Release Fogger Bomb – Best for Use in Large Spaces

If you are looking for a bug bomber that kills pretty much all creepy crawlies and critters and is USDA-approved, this Pro Control Plus fogger bomb could be exactly what you are looking for. It comes in a large box with each case carrying 12 cans of 6oz insecticides.

It works best in areas where food handling is of no concern, meaning it will help you manage cockroach infestations in attics and basements, cabins, buses, schools, zoos, hotels, and pretty much all other establishments and spaces that need to be cleared of roach infestations.

Its long-term residual effect allows for the killing of the existing crawling roaches and the roaches that will be hatched afterward. Since it lacks IGR, it doesn’t eliminate all cockroach life cycles.




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Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger – Best Value for Money

Raid is one of the bug bomb and insecticide brands that has been there for quite a long time, now, but despite being there for a while, it boasts some of the best innovations, which is why the company offers some of the best and the most effective bug bombs and insecticides. It helps get rid of cockroaches, ants, and spiders, and its formulation allows it to continue killing bugs for a maximum of 2 months.

It causes no staining, and it also penetrates deep into crevices and cracks, meaning that it is one of the best deep reach foggers.

With cypermethrin as its active ingredients that come in double the normal concentration seen in foggers, these deep-reach foggers work a lot faster than most other foggers, and you won’t have to worry about messy residues or discolorations.




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Buying Guide for the best bug bombs for cockroaches

To understand what features make the best cockroach bombs, we first need to look at how the cockroach bombs work.

Essentially, the roach bombs, also known as foggers or bug bombs, work by allowing multiple jets of insecticide spray into the air but in a confined area. The insecticide/ pesticide spray will fall to the ground, effectively coating the surfaces that the pests crawl or settle on, effectively killing the pests, in this case, roaches. According to specialists, most of the bombers or foggers are designed in a way that allows for their placement in the middle of the room, either on a table or a chair, and the bomb is then activated through the removal of the tab or depressing a tab on the can. Following the activation of the canister and its components, the aerosol components are released upwards to the air, where the aerosol particles are suspended for some time before they settle on countertops, floors, and another surface. To increase the effectiveness of the bug bombs, it’s recommended that the bug bomb is allowed to disperse in the manner described not only above but also directly sprayed into hidden areas/ surfaces, as well as cracks and crevices. With these considerations in mind, you’d be able to target roaches, along with fleas, silverfish, ants, spiders, and other insects/ pests.

That said, you could increase the efficiency of the bug bombs for cockroaches by using the bombs alongside other bug treatments that improve their performance in the end. And in the event of heavy infestations, it might be ideal to sign up for professional services.

That said, here are some of the crucial considerations that you need to bear in mind when shopping for bug bombs for cockroaches.

Important considerations around cockroach bombs and foggers.

First, determine where the roach infestation lies to be able to find the most effective bug bomb. This is important because in as much as a large percentage of bug bombers are designed for indoor use, there also are outdoor foggers. The outdoor foggers tend to be quite potent.

For indoor bug bombs, consider formulations that will settle a lot faster, and preferably the ones with mild or no odors.

While some of the bug bombs deliver the insecticide/ pesticide in short bursts, others come as full, whole room bug bombs that will release mist continuously until all its contents are delivered. With the bug bombs, you’ll be happy to know that they come with specifications for the release time and the ideal coverage for the bomb.

Bug bombs tend to be formulated using components that are harmful to humans (when ingested), especially kids, and also to pets. What this means is that in as much as some bug bombs are meant to release the pesticides in a period of maybe 3 hours, it would be safe to stay away from the treated house for 6+ hours, just to be safe. Taking a small vacation time from the treated space is also recommended for your safety. Also, keep dishes and food away, and wipe surfaces afterward.

The most common and also the most effective ingredient used in bug bombs for cockroaches is a group of compounds called pyrethroids, including piperonyl butoxide, a chemical compound that stops roaches from metabolizing and breaking down the insecticide, which results in their death. Pyrethrin is the other common active ingredient in insecticides and pesticides. But for the elimination of roaches, you’ll need a treatment solution with more than pyrethrins.

That said, it’s recommended to use bug bombs to prevent roach infestations or when trying to eradicate other insects, especially flying insects and fleas. This is important because, as mentioned above, the bug bombs are a tad ineffective when their use is not targeted to areas where the creepy crawlies could be concentrated. This means spraying bursts of the bug bombs in infested areas or where it appears that the cockroaches are congregating. Additional strategies like baits and other roach killers could be used to end the roaches’ menace once and for all.

It’s also worth noting that because there are several types of roaches, all breeding best in different environments, it would be wise to settle on more than the bug bombs to end the roaches problem. For example, the German roaches like warmth and also areas with food and moisture, meaning it would be best to target them by blasting the roach bombs on their breeding ground.

Besides pyrethrins and pyrethroids, there are additional ingredients added to kill roaches. For example, to kill the eggs of the roaches, preferable bug bombs for roaches will be formulated with an ingredient called the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that interferes with the growth of roaches, and other insects, setting back their maturity, meaning that they won’t be able to lay any more eggs. The other ingredients incorporated include the synergist Piperonyl Butoxide, which is a chemical additive that increases the effectiveness of the pesticide’s active ingredients.

When looking for bug bombs for cockroaches, it’s important to buy products that will keep off the roaches without compromising the health of your household. And according to the EPA, if you intend to use cockroach bombs, it’s important that you employ a number of precautions, including taking mini-vacations from your home to avoid inhaling the pesticides. And if you have pets or small children, stay away from your home for about 2-4 hours, minimum. You also need to cover foods and food preparation surfaces.

The other features to keep in mind include:

The bug bomb you opt for should only release a fine mist that will disappear after it dries up—nothing greasy, heavy, or something that will cause staining.

Some of the bug bombs are made with insecticide formulas that feature strong chemical odors. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the smells, which is why you should opt for the roach bombs that are odor-free or the ones with odor-neutralizing agents.


The bug bombs for cockroaches listed above are among the best bug bombs for roaches, and they promise a high level of effectiveness against roaches in the short-term and long-term. The best of these bug bombs are formulated with IGR alongside other active ingredients that kill the adult roaches and eggs, disrupting the bugs’ lifecycle and ending the roach menace. From this review, the PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide is our top-recommended bug bomb for cockroaches.


Are bug bombs for cockroaches effective?

Yes, but not 100% effective. The reasons for this include the fact that the bombs hardly reach the cracks and crevices if they aren’t targeted there. Also, some of the roaches may be frightened back into hiding by the bug bombs.

To ensure the effectiveness of the roach bombs, you may want to look for the bug bombs formulated with permethrins, cypermethrin, and pyrethroids, as well as IGRs and Piperonyl Butoxide.

When should you seek professional pest removal services?

Since cockroaches present as a public health issue, anyone dealing with a roach infestation should consider hiring professional services for pest control. With professional help, you not only get to pinpoint the cause or source of the problem but also the professionals use chemical pesticides that are not only very powerful but also capable of reaching all the very hard to reach spots in and around your home –in wall voids, electronic equipment, ceilings, etc.

How else can you get rid of roaches?

Besides the use of bug bombs and foggers for roaches, you could also get rid of roaches by employing more effective strategies like the use of diatomaceous earth or boric acid. These two are inexpensive and highly effective remedies for eradicating roaches, regardless of the type/ species.

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