Best Bug Bombs For Spiders

By Landon Easton •  Updated: 02/23/21 •  14 min read

I can’t be the only one who feels squeamish at the thought of spiders, in or out of your home.

Creepy crawly spiders in your house are scary because you are often unable to tell where they crawled in from, where they are hiding, how many more there could be, if they are poisonous or not, or if the normal insecticides would be able to get rid of them or not. With such a high level of uncertainty, you’ll find yourself hunting for the spiders, perhaps even masked, hoping to spray and kill the spider. What if there are more spiders? What if there are unhatched eggs that will leave you in the middle of a menace with baby spiders scurrying all over the place?

Well, you might be scared out of your mind, but there is one remedy you could try to eradicate spiders from your home, whether in the attic, basement, garage, shed, etc., the bug bomb for spiders.

While spider infestations make your home look old and also make it rather difficult to keep tidy thanks to the endless spiderwebs, it can be quite easy to get rid of them. And though spiders have great survival skills making ordinary insect foggers ineffective against them, bug bombs that target spiders can be quite effective.

So, which bug bombs should you use to get rid of spiders?

Best Bug Bombs For Spiders – Comparison Table

Best Bug Bombs For SpidersBest ForCheck on Amazon
TERRO T2302 Spider Killer Aerosol SprayBest Overall Spider BombCheck Price
Black Flag Spider and Scorpion Killer Aerosol SprayBest Spider and Scorpion KillerCheck Price
Raid Max Fogger, Insect KillerBest Concentrated Bug BombCheck Price
Hot Shot 100047495 HG-20177 No Mess FoggerBest Spider Fogger with Odor NeutralizerCheck Price
Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor FoggerBest Odor-Free Spider BombCheck Price

Best Spider Bombs

TERRO T2302 Spider Killer Aerosol Spray – Best Overall Spider Bomb

First on our list is this aerosol spray spider bomb that offers the most effective spider-killing power and performance. It’s powerfully formulated to get rid of not just any type of spiders but also some of the most dangerous spiders like the black widow, the hobo spider, and the brown recluse. You may also like it because it will kill bedbugs, ants, crickets, cockroaches, and scorpions, among other insects. Its active ingredients include deltamethrin and pyrethrins.

Its power comes from its rapid knockdown performance, along with its extended time killing power. You could use it for direct applications in cracks and crevices or for broad treatments. For the best results, you could also spray this bug bomb along ant trails, around baseboards, near entryways, and other areas that pets are likely to crawl into or from.




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Black Flag Spider and Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray – Best Spider and Scorpion Killer

This 16-ounce bug bomb could be exactly what you need if you’ve noticed an increase in the number of spiders and scorpions, especially if you live in hot areas.

It’s formulated to kill spiders on contact, and it does this by affecting their nervous system, paralyzing and killing spiders rather fast. It could help you keep off scorpions as well. Some of the spiders killed by this aerosol spray include the black widow, wolf spiders, the brown recluse, etc. It could also be the best solution for you because it kills the black widow spiders while they hatch.

You could use it indoors and outdoors by spraying the spiders or scorpions, egg sacs, or spider webs directly. For the best performance/ effectiveness, you should use this aerosolized bug bomb 5ft from the target area. It promises effective protection for a maximum of 16 weeks.




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Raid Max Fogger, Insect Killer – Best Concentrated Bug Bomb

To get rid of spider, mosquito, ants, fleas, and roach problems once and for all, SC Johnson offers this heavily concentrated bug bomb that works indoors efficiently. It is one of the most powerful bug bombs for heavy bug infestations, and it is an excellent solution if you want to tackle multiple pests once.

It emits a powerful penetrating fog that kills spiders, roaches, and fleas, even as they hide away in cracks and crevices. And with an effective residual action of up to 2 months, you are certain that you will not have a big problem anymore.

Its active ingredient is cypermethrin which kills spiders and other critters by targeting the nervous system. Cypermethrin is a neurotoxin that will paralyze and kill insects instantly. Its effects are long-lasting, and it’s suitable for use indoors.




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Hot Shot 100047495 HG-20177 No Mess Fogger – Best Spider Fogger with Odor Neutralizer

This is the other bug bomb that promises to kill all those nefarious spiders on contact. It features an odor neutralizer to kill the spiders in contact, and the best part is that the bomb continues killing for a maximum of 6 weeks. During this time, it will also get rid of other bugs hiding in cracks and crevices because the fine, penetrating mist reaches the deepest areas of the cracks and crevices, killing the bugs you see and the ones you don’t see.

Its performance is enhanced by its design, and you won’t have to turn off the pilot lights, thanks to its deep-reaching, dry-fogging technology. It is, therefore, ideal for use in enclosed spaces like attics, basements, apartments, barns, cabins, trailers, sheds, and storage areas, among others. You may also like it because of the non-staining formula, which saves you from messy residues.




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Spectracide Bug Stop Indoor Fogger – Best Odor-Free Spider Bomb

Spectracide is a reputable company when it comes to insecticides, and this indoor bug stopper is just one of the best insect bombs you could get your hands on, especially if you have been struggling with spiders, and other crawling, biting flying insects.

It’s formulated using ingredients like tetramethrin and cypermethrin that control heavy infestations by killing spiders and other insects on contact. These ingredients and the formulation of a bug bomb mean a fine mist that will penetrate deep into the cracks and crevices in your home, killing spiders and other bugs. These ingredients are also the reason why this bomber kills spiders on contact.

You may also like it because it is water-based, and it won’t cause staining. It also doesn’t leave any lingering odors and any residue left doesn’t affect the floors, walls, furniture, or fabric.




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Spider Bombs Buying Guide – Factors to Consider When Buying Bug Bombs for Spiders

There are numerous factors that determine the effectiveness of the spider bombs and whether they actually kill the spiders or not. This means that before you buy a bug bomb said to kill spiders, you need to ensure that it meets the criteria/ checklist that determines the best spider-killing bug bombs.

The important considerations include:

Spiders are great survivalists, which means that they won’t be killed by ordinary bug bombs or foggers. To kill spiders, you need to make sure that the fogger or the bomb is formulated with active ingredients capable of killing spiders, whole also penetrating the hard-to-reach areas that the spiders could be hiding in. The most effective bombs, for example, should be able to kill the spiders on contact by affecting their nervous system, paralyzing and killing the spiders. Naturally, this will not be an instant reaction, and even with the most powerful bug bombs that can kill spiders and depend on how infested space is, you will need more than a few treatments for the best results.

If you are not sure about the ingredients or the formulation of the spider bomb and how well it will work in getting rid of the spiders, you could seek advice from a professional.

For a more specific guide, some of the most effective, professional-grade ingredients you need to look for in bug bombs for spiders include deltamethrin, dichlorvos, tetramethrin, pyrethrins, lambda-cyhalothrin, and prallethrin. These ingredients have all been tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and they’re classified as safe for use in bug bombs.

While some of the bug bombs on the market are designed to kill the spiders rather instantaneously and after contact with the active ingredients, others have an additional function that creates an effective barrier against possible re-infestation for months after initial application. With such bug bombs, you not only get rid of the spider problem but also get to effectively target and eradicate other pests like silverfish, cockroaches, scorpions, and ants. Just bear in mind the fact that some of the bombs used may only be effective against arachnids and less effective against all other crawling, flying, or biting insects.

Most of the bug foggers or bombs used to eradicate spiders contain harsh chemicals which are highly toxic to animals (pets) and humans. In other cases, the bombs will contain toxic and smelly fumes that cause a significant amount of discomfort to anyone in the vicinity. With this in mind, you may want to look for bombs made of natural/ organic and non-toxic ingredients.

The only caveat with this approach is that the natural, less (non) toxic components aren’t as effective as the chemical and toxic ingredients common in arachnid bombs, which is why you should use it only when your kids and pets are away or if you have a place to stay for the day/ few days.

It’s important to follow all the specified safety precautions and in case of any irritation, visit the doctor immediately.

All bug/ spider bombs come with a specific recommended treatment area which is given as a total of the square footage for an enclosed and unobstructed space. What this means is that if you have a bigger space that needs to be treated, you’d have to use a bug bomb developed for use in larger spaces.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use multiple foggers in the same space. And if you wish to use the bomb in a smaller space, smaller than what’s recommended, you shouldn’t set off the entire bug bomb can in the small space. Instead, you could bomb the surrounding spaces like the room that the closet attaches to or the garage, allowing the fumes to get to the smaller space.

You need to find the best quality bug bombers, but this doesn’t mean trusting manufacturers because manufacturers will also claim and back the superiority of their products, even when they aren’t superior. To determine a high-quality product, it might be a good idea to seek advice from professionals while also reading different reviews left by consumers. Pay more attention to the reviews left by customers, although they could be more subjective; the professionals may be a little biased. So, identify a middle ground and stick to facts that guide on product quality, performance, and efficiency.

The spider bombs or total release foggers kill spiders by filling the air with microscopic particles of the pesticide in vapor form. In this vaporized form, the components of the bomb seep into cracks and crevices in the infested rooms, killing the bugs.

A number of treatments are needed to get rid of spiders effectively.

For the most part, the bug/ spider bombs don’t have to be used frequently, and there are specific conditions under which the products are more effective than in others. Generally, a bug bomb treatment will be effective for between 2 and 4 months. For the best results, you should only use the spider bomb when it’s absolutely necessary.

During the initial or subsequent applications, ensure that you have planned to be away from your home for at least 4 hours. All the doors leading to closets, cupboards, rooms, and furniture should be left open because spiders can get anywhere and everywhere. Remove dishes, cover food and toys, as well as fabric upholstered items. But keep the outside doors and windows closed, shut off the A/C or fans, and the smoke alarm too.

Not all chemicals used in bug bombs are harsh, and they may not all emit harmful/ unpleasant odors. But to be safe, carefully check the ingredients used, how they work, and what to expect in terms of the odors and even flammability.


Bug bombs for spiders come under different names and feature different active ingredients, but they work pretty much the same way – paralyze, then kill the critters in seconds. Some of the best spider bombs have long-lasting residual effects, meaning they continue killing the bugs weeks after treatment. You should keep an open mind, though, because, with thousands of species of spiders and the survival-of-the-fittest drug-resistance, some of these bombers will not work forever. It’s also ideal to try using a combination approach for the best results.


Do Spider Bombs really work?

Bug bombs are said to be effective in killing spiders, especially if they are formulated to kill the arachnids. But just how effective are they?

Well, the spider can be defined as arthropods, and they breathe in oxygen, which means that technically, exposing them to toxic gases from foggers or bombs would significantly affect and even kill them on contact. But spiders don’t often crawl around open spaces, and they tend to hide away in crevices, cracks, and other dark spaces. While the bug bombs are said to effectively reach the spiders, even the highest quality bombs and foggers might be a little bit ineffective against spiders. Some of the facts that this assumption is based on include the fact that:

There exist 40,000+ species of spiders worldwide. These species of spiders vary in shape, size, venom they harbor, and their susceptibility to pesticides, which means that no one kind of spider bomb pesticide would kill all kinds of spiders with 100% efficiency.

And contrary to claims, foggers don’t penetrate the deep dark crevices as deeply as claimed, meaning that the foggers may not reach the spiders.

Also, the insecticides that settle on the ground after the mist settles will not control or kill the spiders because spiders’ bodies remain off the ground when they walk. With only their feet on the ground and in contact with the pesticide, the chances of the pests dying is low.

Are Spider bombs safe around children and pets?

No. Spider bombs should be used in spaces with pets and infants, and children in general because children have immature lungs, and their bodies are unable to metabolize the chemical ingredients in the bug bombs. The aerosol fumes are also quite hazardous to kids, pets, and everyone else, which is why you shouldn’t let kids/pets/yourself into rooms that are being treated or just got treated with the bug bombs. It’s safe to wait a few hours before going back into the house after the treatment.

How long do bug bombers last after application?

Depending on the ingredients, size of the room, and the amount of spider bombs used, the treatment is likely to last 3-5 hours.

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